Nail Educator Academy Mentorship Program

Teaching others is one of the most rewarding parts of the Nail Industry. 

If you're ready to embark on the amazing adventure of becoming an independent nail educator, I'm so happy you are here.  Please, let me save you from lots of mistakes, stress sweats, and last second scrambling!

Being an independent educator is SO MUCH like an iceberg - and it's much like anything else in the beauty industry.  There is a shiny, glorious part where you are up in front of a classroom, doing what you love, or under a camera doing a demonstration, or boarding a plane to go to an exotic place to teach.  If you've learned anything from the beauty industry (or social media lol), hopefully it is this - not everything is as it seems.  

There is SO MUCH WORK that goes into truly being independent - AND so much reward that comes from it.  It really gives you the freedom to do what's best for those you are serving.  It also allows you to follow your heart, be true to yourself, and get the maximum financial gain from doing what you love - since you control the prices of your classes and so much more.  

I would be honored to guide you through the process of becoming an independent educator - if you're serious about it, and if you're ready.  What do I mean by that?

I have developed a completely unique mentoring program - the first of it's kind in the nail industry. 

It is an 8 week journey and process, and I'm your personal tour guide.  Here's a snapshot of what the program looks like:

Week 1 - Writing a Course

-Learn Lauren's process for developing curriculum and how to put it to work

-Figure out your strengths

-Learn how to test your classes on the right people

Week 2 - How to PRICE your classes

-Budgeting from A-Z

-What to pay yourself

-How to negotiate with big shows

Week 3 - How to Captivate a Classroom

-The 4 most common learning styles

-Dealing with "problem students"

-Classroom Etiquette for you and your students

Week 4 - Building a Network

-Practical ideas to help build a student base

-Learning the customer journey

-Lauren's tricks for connecting with schools

Week 5 - Promote Yourself, Your Brand, Your Classes

-How to build a promotional package and the assets you need

-Making cross promotion work for you

-The ART of making good class fliers

Week 6 - Deal Breakers or Makers

-What type of independent educators are companies looking for?

-How to get the "big gigs"

-What traits send you to the top of the list

Week 7 - The Practical Stuff

-Setting up Audio / Visual for class

-Designing a classroom

-Working under camera (best practices to practice!)

Week 8 - Finalize Your Course

-Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

How does this work?

Every week, a video lesson is delivered into your inbox.  Included with the course are OODLES of free resources - printables, spreadsheets, extra videos, interviews, etc.  

ALSO included are two FREE one-hour mentor sessions with Lauren.

Sound exciting?!  I think it will revolutionize the nail industry and have an amazing rippling effect!

Please remember, I am only taking a small hand-full of students, so it's not something you can just pay for and be instantly "in".  You have to apply.  I want to know that you're serious, and that you've put some real thought into it.  

You will have the ability to work at your own pace even though the lessons are released each week.  If you want to stick on the weekly plan, you'll need to devote about 3-5 hours each week to the video lesson, and assignments.  Or, you can move at your own pace and still graduate just fine once everything is complete.  

Tuition for this unique opportunity is $1199.  (The value of the online classes alone is well over $3k, and with the personal mentoring sessions from Lauren, and the industry connections you'll make - it's a steal!)

CLICK HERE to start the process of enrollment.