Coaching Session with Lauren

Coaching Session with Lauren

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Coaching sessions are held on MONDAYS. 

Please download the "Getting to Know You" sheet and think about the questions on here before we have our first coaching session.  

Are you looking for someone to help you achieve your specific goals and dreams in the Nail Industry?  You may really benefit from a few coaching sessions to set you on the right path to success.  

Coaching sessions start with an intro meeting so that I can get to know you and understand your dreams and goals in the industry.  From there we can move on to extended coaching that is custom-tailored to your needs.  

My favorite topic is the TRANSITION.  I love to help individuals transition within the nail industry.  We all start as people who just LOVE nails.  From there we typically pursue a license, but what's next?  Here are some typical transitions:

Nail Enthusiast to Licensed Tech

Licensing School is NOT going to teach you everything you need to learn to survive this industry.  I can help supplement your education through specific recommendations based on what areas you'd like to specialize in.

Getting your Books FULL

Let's develop a strategy together to get you more clients.  The last thing you want to do is go broke giving away free services!  Together we can develop an effective marketing plan for you to fill your books.  

Becoming a Nail Competitor or Judge

Competing can be intimidating!  Let's work through score sheets and criteria together to make sure you have a FULL understanding of how to maximize your scores!

Becoming a Nail Educator

Do you have the passion that it takes to become a Nail Educator - or to start a nail school?  Work 1 on 1 with Lauren to achieve your goals, or consider enrolling in the Nail Educator Academy!

Becoming an Editorial or Celebrity Nail Artist

It takes a very specific skillset to become an editorial nail tech.  You must be professional, level headed, and WELL ROUNDED.  AND, who you know in the industry is VERY important!  Let's make sure you're the full package before you get your "big break" into this area of the Nail Industry (don't be fooled, this is an area that our industry that has a large need!)

Starting a Brand or a Product Company

Starting a product company seems simple at first, but there's A LOT to it, and no one knows that better than Lauren.  Work together to get your brand from a dream to a reality.

Starting a Salon

Starting a salon is a dream for many.  You have to have a good understanding of the business before you dive into salon ownership, or before you know it, your money will be gone and you won't know where it's going!  Let's get a business plan together for your success!

Other sessions are typically on the following topics:

-nail skill expansion and implementation

-editorial work (the nitty-gritty of photoshoots for magazines, videos, and ads)

-celebrity work (how to prepare)

-nail competitions (competing, judging and organizing)

-event planning

-salon education development

-school ownership

-branding and social media growth